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Tom’s Featured Signature Home Plans

All house plans from “Tom Heller Signature Home Plans” are designed to conform to most local codes but are not designed with basement considerations because of being developed in Florida which has a relatively high ground water table. In some regions, there is a second step you will need to take to insure your house plans are in compliance with local codes. Some areas of North America have very strict engineering requirements. If you are building in these areas, it is most likely you will need to hire a state licensed structural engineer to analyze the design and provide additional drawings and calculations required by your building department. Stock plans do not have a professional stamp attached. If you aren’t sure, building departments typically have a handout they will give you listing all of the items they require to submit for and obtain a building permit. Your builder knows how to navigate thru this process.

In addition to the house plans you order, you may also need a site plan that shows where the house is going to be located on the property.  You may also need a septic design unless your lot is served by a sanitary sewer system. Many areas now have area-specific energy codes that also have to be followed. This normally involves filling out a simple form providing documentation that your house plans are in compliance.

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